Celebrating the School


Dear Parents,


What a celebration we had last Thursday. We gave our wonderful little school a great party, with special guests, family, solemn ceremony, food and fun! Special guests included: Sr Marea Ross, a sister of St Joseph and the founding principal, Mrs Fran Jackson, the first assistant principal , Mrs Jenny Langford, the first Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs Deb Sheriden and Mrs Brooke MacDonald- part of the original staff.


We also had other past leaders including Mrs Cheryl Brown , Mrs Jeanette Black and Mr Jason Hatcher.  Apologies and warm messages were sent from former leaders, Mr Greg Thomas, Dr Barbara Myors and Mrs Narelle Cartwright. We even had some of our original parents represented by Mr Paul Stenning who now works as a consultant at the Catholic Education Office and Mr Andrew  Jenkins who now works as our  school groundsman.

Our school holds a special place in the hearts of many. Sr Marea was thrilled to see what had become of her school. She noticed that the children were calm, respectful and peaceful. Parents and teachers gave her great feedback about how connected they were to the school. Many of our staff have dedicated years of their lives to our school. Mrs Crane has been with us almost since the start and it was her creativity that made most of the banners and the honour roll in the community space. Mrs Val Winckle has been with us for almost as long. …and we have many long term staff members, Mrs Neill, Mr Atkins, Mrs Watson, Mrs Powell, Mrs Turner, Mrs Ible, Mrs Fraser, and Mrs Bonnici.

This helps to make a place very special- when so many people care and nurture children at a school and give years of their lives to do so.  When the staff are able to work so harmoniously together this rubs off onto the atmosphere of the school.

So when I, the “Johnny- come -lately” principal, flew in last October I could pick up on all the positive energy of the school and take it into the future keeping St Joseph’s caring and strong for our beautiful children.