Community and Learning

So much great learning happens at St Joseph’s ! Already Kindergarten have been learning through play about school, Year 1 have become paleontologists, studying fossils lent to us from the Australian Museum, Year 2 have been learning about insects from live stick insects and meal worms. Astronomy is happening in Year 3 with a visit from the planetarium on Monday. Year 4 are learning about rocks and soil, Year 5 about earthquakes and Year 6 are preparing for their trip to Canberra by having classroom votes and campaigns. The way for you to find out about what’s happening in class is through the See-Saw app. Children and teachers post on the app work and photos for you to see and you will then be able to see it and comment. We are keen to meet with you. Next week is our Meet the Teacher interviews- a reminder to book online if you haven’t already done so. This is a chance for you to let the teachers know about your child and for the teachers to meet the parents of their students. Strong relationships between home and school means better learning at school in 2018.

Rolling Pickup has now begun! As we work through the early days there will be a few hiccups to soothe. Next week we will have a survey for parents to fill in so I can learn from your perspective what may need to be adjusted. A reminder that No Parking means only a few minutes to stop and pickup. The police and council rangers will enforce this rule.

Brick wall repair in the staff Carpark This will now occur between Feb 19th and 21st. The small brick wall on the edge of the carpark will however not be replaced for safety reasons and will be replaced with a kerb barrier.

Sweat Weather You may have noticed the hot weather in Schofields! We are very lucky to have airconditioning and so when the weather is very hot we have, “sweat weather” which means the children eat and play in the classroom supervised by a teacher. In extreme hot weather for rolling pickup the children will be in the library in the airconditioning as we have a side door quite close to the gate.

Carpark Closure The staff carpark is closed for parents at school drop off and pick up time except with permission of the Principal. This decision is made for the safety of students and their families who need to walk through the carpark.

Kind regards,

Lesley Studans