Easter Message and Skoolbag information

Dear Parents,


A very Happy Easter! Easter is the highlight of the year in the Catholic church even more than Christmas. This is because of the message of love and hope. Death by Crucifixion is a dreadful death indeed, designed by the Romans to cause humiliation and suffering. It seemed that Jesus’ message of love would be destroyed. This has resonance with us in the world today- our family may be suffering with serious illness, family breakdown and when we look at what’s happening in the world around us so many tragic things happen. Jesus rose from the dead and gave hope to the world- nothing is so bad that good will not come again.

Thankyou to all the parents who took the time to come to our Easter liturgies. The children and teachers really appreciate your presence. The spirit of Easter was also alive in our Easter Disco on Friday night- a good time was had by all. Thankyou to Erin Webster, Leanne Fiorentino, Kylie Feather, Rachel Gotsis and all of the helpers on the night. Thanks also to the teachers who came along to join in the fun!

A strong, happy community is very important to me.  That is why we worked hard to gain agreement for rolling pickup and why we have marked lanes in the exit area for Kiss and Drop. That is why each class has a See Saw as a way for all parents to see the work of their child and to communicate with teachers.

My final word before Easter is a reminder for all to subscribe to Skoolbag. This is the chief way that whole school messages are shared with the community e.g. if we have to cancel our Cross Country- we would put a message on Skoolbag. See Saw is chiefly for news about each grade and the classroom. The easiest way to read the Newsletter on your phone is through Skoolbag. Details are included with this newsletter and I have asked each teacher to put the details up on See Saw as well. The Newsletter is also an important way that news about safety and policies are communicated e.g. about the carpark being closed at drop off and pickup times.

May the Joy of the season be with you and your family,


Kind regards,

Lesley Studans