Support Programs

Successful Learners

At St Joseph’s, we foster a collaborative community and supportive environment as we want each learner to feel accepted and grow in their learning. We respect and celebrate diversity and individuality by recognising and providing for differences in learning styles, rates of learning, strengths and needs.

Learning support programs assist teachers and students and cater for individual student needs. Our learning support team is committed to providing resources and programs to encourage all students to reach their potential in a nurturing environment. We offer a focused literacy program through Focus160 and reading intervention through Reading Recovery. We also facilitate Extended Mathematical Understanding (EMU) intervention for small groups of children as part of our numeracy program. At any one time, students may be working on different tasks and activities at levels which reflect and challenge their ability. This allows each student to achieve their best possible educational outcome.

Pursuing Passions

At St Joseph's we believe that students should be encouraged to express themselves outside the classroom through the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including

  • Creative and performing arts opportunities in coding, chess, choir, music, dance, drama, talent shows, guitar club, Kool Kids music program and art 
  • CAPTIVATE choir, band and the CAPTIVATE Strings Program
  • Curriculum-relevant excursions and incursions
  • Book Week activities that enhance our reading program
  • Sporting events which encourage enjoyment for all
  • Representative sport opportunities at zone, diocesan, inter-diocesan and state level in athletics, cross-country, swimming, netball, basketball, soccer, touch football, chess and gymnastics
  • Year 6 Diocesan ‘Voice of Youth’ Public Speaking Competition
  • Transition programs including the Kindergarten Starting School Program, which is held in Term 4 of the year before the student starts school, and the Year 6 high school transition preparation
  • Student leadership opportunities including formal leadership responsibilities for Year 6 students and participation in the Stage 3 Student Leadership Program. Students from Year 3 to 5 are able to be involved in the Student Representative Council to contribute their student voice and effort to school leadership
  • Wellbeing programs including Protective Behaviours Program, Pastoral Care Program, buddy system and counselling services.

Support Page

Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral care refers to the total care of the student. At St Joseph’s, it is expressed through:

  • the development of quality relationships
  • the provision of satisfying learning experiences
  • the establishment of an effective care network
  • the provision of experiences and structures that provide for the integrated spiritual and human growth of the students.

We promote the value and dignity of each individual through a positive approach to self-discipline and self-esteem building. We recognise that everyone has the right:

  • to learn
  • to be safe
  • to enjoy personal wellbeing.

Student Leadership Program

Students are encouraged to contribute to the school community in both formal and informal ways. They are encouraged to share their ideas, either through the Year 6 students, Student Leadership Team or by approaching the Principal directly. The Principal is always available to students by appointment.

Other Programs

Protective Behaviours program operates in each class and teaches children strategies to use in situations where they ‘feel unsafe’. The program is reinforced regularly, throughout the year, and forms the basis of our student management rationale.

Learning Support Program assists in the support of children who have been identified through formal testing, as having a specific learning delay or difficulty. Children on this program are formally reviewed each year for continuance.

Counselling Services with a Professional Counsellor are available at school every Monday during the school term.

Information Technology skills are integrated across the curriculum. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have access to a variety of technologies including computers, laptops, ipads, interactive whiteboards and more, to support their learning.

Reading Recovery is a one-on-one program that targets ‘at risk’ children after their first year at school. Parents are invited to spend time observing the specialist teacher so they can support their child with home reading. All children are tested at the beginning of Year 1 to ensure the program targets those with the highest need.

Voice of Youth is a diocesan public speaking competition for Year 6 children.

Representative Sports Teams participate in a variety of competitions each year, e.g. athletics, cross-country, swimming, netball, basketball, soccer, AFL, OZTAG, and touch football.

Chess teams compete in the Junior Chess League’s Primary Schools competition during Terms 2 and 3. All interested children are invited to participate.

School choir is formed for special events and rehearses at lunchtime.

Playgroup meets on Monday.