Results from the School Expansion Survey

Dear Parents,


We have had a busy couple of weeks at school. Last Monday was our first athletics carnival at the new venue of Peel Road. Despite the blustering, icy weather a great time was had by all. Thankyou to Mr Adams and his happy band of helpers, both teachers and parents, who worked hard to make the day run smoothly.

Many of our Stage 2 students had their first chance to represent the school yesterday at the soccer gala day. This time we ordered a bus so that more children were able to participate. Evidently there were over 1000 students at the carnival and our students displayed good sportsmanship and skills. We couldn’t send so many children without the help of our parents. Special thanks goes to Mr Grima, Mr Junkiewicz, Mr O’Keeffe, Mrs Ellims, Mrs Gosling and Mr Borazio and the John Paul 2 high school students who helped Mrs Fairclough and Mrs Turner on the day.

Over 80 of our students enjoyed the after school sport that Motiv8 supplies for us. Next term, from Week 3, on Mondays after school, we will have an AFL clinic. More information will be coming next week about this.

School Expansion Survey

We have had over 60 replies to the survey. The first part of the survey asked what aspect of the community we are attached to and the majority answered the whole school. A sizeable number of parents also feel attached to class groups and the staff. The school events that build community answers were almost equally distributed between liturgies, sporting events and school events such as fetes.  On the next page you can see the results of what parents like about St Joseph’s. Comments about the small friendly community comes up again and again in the survey and it is important to keep this going. We are only in the beginning stages of planning but I do know that we will have new buildings and all the demountables will be gone. We should be able to keep many of our existing buildings. It's important for you to know that we will still be the smallest (and best) school in Schofields and we will still be able to keep our green space and community feel.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Many of the comments on the survey were very appreciative of the staff and they have been working hard preparing reports and also preparing for the parent teacher interviews. The reports give valuable information about your child’s learning and social skills and we are looking forward to meeting with you.