Term 1 initiatives

Only a few more days to school holidays. A very big thankyou to you all for the support you have shown the school this term. Support shown to the teachers, myself and of course to your child is always very much appreciated and more importantly positive support is an essential ingredient for a good school.

You would have heard about some more public initiatives this term such as rolling pickup and the right hand turn lane in the bus bay for morning kiss and drop. You would have seen the hard work from our parent community to organize the welcome picnic, Easter Egg raffle and Easter disco. You would have heard that we are the Wanderer’s School of the Year

You would have joined SeeSaw to gain more of an insight into what is happening with your child’s learning in the classroom and as another way to communicate with the teacher if needed.

Behind the scenes much more happens that doesn’t make it onto seesaw or very often into the Newsletter:

  • New garden play area for Year 2. Bunnings will complete this early in Term 2 but in the meantime the children are having a great time playing handball, basketball, digging with trucks in the garden, drawing, reading and playing games.

  • Happy integration of many children with special needs, backed by the special skills of the teachers and teacher assistants. Adjustments to environment, play and of course learning need to be planned and implemented taking many hours of time for good results.

  • Exciting learning for all, often utilising technology e.g. Year 6 session with Jackie French, the author. Year 1 Skype session with a real paleontologist.

  • Introduction of “Leap 2 Learn” Students are rewarded for ‘leaping’ as our mascot Joey shows us, trying hard thinking and striving to do our best.


Enjoy the break from school routine over the holidays.