Term 3 Week 7

Dear Parents,

I often write to the staff for the staff bulletin, “What a week!” It has been quite a week this week and it is not yet over. This week we have Father’s Day Breakfast, Father’s Day Liturgy , Jersey Day and the Spring Fair Spectacular.


 Here is some words of wisdom from, “A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids”.  We have been using this in Year 2 as a way of building happy classrooms. The concept is that each person carries with them a bucket of good thoughts and good feelings. You can help fill other peoples buckets by showing love, repecting others, being kind, smiling.

When you fill others buckets you fill your own bucket too.

When you take away good feelings from others you are emptying their bucket and your own as well.

The children practice being bucket fillers and are proud of themselves when they fill someone’s bucket.


I think you will agree that we need more bucket fillers in the world!