Term 3 Calendar, Grandparents Day re-scheduled & the afternoon pickup survey results


Dear Parents,


Coming home today is a Term 3 paper calendar that I hope will be practical for you to use. The calendar will also be put onto Skoolbag and the website. This calendar is up to date with events for the term.

On the back of the Term 3 Calendar is a handy guide listing all the ways parents can access information from the School, including the School website,  Skoolbag, Facebook and more.

Please note an important rescheduled date. Grandparents Day has been moved from Wednesday 26/7 to Thursday 27/7 as many children will be at the Netball Gala Day on the Wednesday. Please also check assemblies scheduled as a couple of these have been rescheduled.

The highlight of the term will be our Spring Fair. This year is our 20th Anniversary and the celebration will begin with a Mass on Thursday 10th August. Stay tuned for more information about these important events.

It was lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday night at the parent teacher interviews. The teachers were very positive about the way parents and school are working together, supporting the learning and emotional development of the children.

Finally, the response to the afternoon pickup survey was fantastic with over 100 responses. Most parents welcomed the rolling pickup idea and the majority also asked for the pickup to be in a central place. Changes to afternoon pickup won’t be able to happen at the beginning of the term as I had hoped due to the congestion in Nazarene Avenue with the builders. However a request has now gone into council for No Parking signs (again this was a majority vote from the parents) and we will continue to press ahead with the plans as soon as it is safe to do so.