The Feast of Pentecost Liturgy

Dear Parents,

The whole school joined together to celebrate the feast of Pentecost in a wonderful liturgy, designed by the Stage 2 team and lead by our Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs Watson. The spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, brings us the gifts of courage and joy. These two gifts alone are needed by children in our modern world. Strength is needed to stand up for what is right and to persist in difficult times. The Holy Spirit shows us a deep joy that comes from for example; helping others, being in nature, making peace with our friends.

This is the second time I have written about Pentecost and that is because it is so foundational to our church and to our school. Jesus can’t be with us today but the spirit of God is here with us, inspiring us every day. In Pope Francis’ words:

“At today’s frenzied pace of life, harmony seems swept aside and often we look for quick fixes. The Spirit is peace in the midst of restlessness, confidence in the midst of discouragement, joy in sadness, youth in aging, courage in the hour of trial.

Without the Spirit our Christian life unravels, lacking the love that brings everything together. Without the Spirit, Jesus remains a personage from the past; with the Spirit, he is a person alive in our own time.  Without the Spirit, Scripture is a dead letter; with the Spirit it is a word of life.  A Christianity without the Spirit is joyless moralism; with the Spirit, it is life.”

On a more secular note:

A very big thankyou to Mrs Turner and her team for her work organising the Primary Sports Carnival on Wednesday. A great day was had in the warm winter sunshine.