The Joey Code

Do you know what the Joey code is? At the last Assembly of the term our Joey mascot launched, with much Joey mascot jumping, the Joey Code. The children know that it is: “I am Safe I am Respectful I am a Learner” The Joey Code is a way for our students to remember our school expectations for behaviour. When we make school rules we use these as our guideline. For example, being respectful is at the heart of our Catholic values. Children are rewarded for good behaviour by Joeys- little tokens that add together to gain a reward of a bronze, silver or gold certificate.

100 Joeys = Bronze Award - 150 more Joeys= Silver Award - 200 more Joeys= Gold Award - that's 450 Altogether!

Natalia Papallo was our first Gold Award winner and there are a few others that are close. The award system has been set up so that the Gold Award is very difficult to achieve quickly. We have only been giving out Joeys since 2016. Those children who are in the younger years should be able to achieve a Gold Award by the time they leave school. Those in Years 5 and 6 will find it more difficult, but as Natalia has shown it is not impossible! Just like at home, rewarding good behaviour has positive outcomes for the culture of the school.

It's lovely to see all our community together again. You have obviously given the children a restful and fun holiday. They are refreshed as we begin our last term of learning for 2017. At the end of last term we received the good news that we have an extra classroom teacher for 2018. This means we will have 14 classroom groups next year including 2 year 5's and 2 year 6's. We will no longer have a stage 3.

Thank you to all the families who collected the Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers, together the community collected tens of thousands of points. We are waiting for official confirmation and will put those points to good use on resources for the children.