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A welcome message from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Principal, Mrs Lesley Studans.

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Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary Schofields

We are part of a vibrant and caring Catholic environment of Quakers Hill/Schofields within Mary Immaculate Catholic parish. Together with St John Paul II Catholic College, Schofields, we provide a continuous, faith-based education for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

We are situated in a beautiful, safe, country-like environment and have well-resourced, modern, vibrant and flexible spaces that make St Joseph’s a pleasant place for students to learn and play.

St Joseph’s is a Catholic school centred on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and inclusive of all cultures and other faith traditions. We are proud to be a school for the whole community, where every child is warmly welcomed.

In partnership with parents, carers and pastors, we promote educational and personal excellence by attending to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of every student. We believe that quality education in a supportive and Christ-centred community enriches and empowers each individual student, and we value and celebrate all contributions together as a community because together as a community we can truly achieve great things!

We support the development of student confidence so they are ready to cope with whatever life challenges they may face. The learning environment is a positive and affirming one, providing security freedom and encouragement to take risks, self-discipline, challenges and stimulation to learn. We remove limits to learning and give the children the ability to use their power to learn.

Please take time to view our website and learn about our wonderful school.

Mrs Lesley Studans


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St Joseph's Primary Schofields Principal

St Joseph's Catholic Primary Principal, Mrs Lesley Studans, provides a regular blog on current activities and highlighted learning.

NAPLAN and Tell them from Me Survey

This week is NAPLAN week. For Year 3 it’s their first grown up opportunity to enter the world of formal assessments. On the whole they were excited to see what the experience would be like. Year 5 seemed a little more relaxed. NAPLAN does give us valuable information but its not useful in the day to day teaching and learning of the students as the results take a long time to come.